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The "Band of Bravehearts"
Party Corporate Braveheart Style!
 join us dressed in Tartans and make a Theme night of it all.

Dressing up in Tartans and being Bravehearts for the Event night.There are many companies who can supply you with all you need worldwide.
Corporate Entertainment has one advantage nowadays in that it has become more flexible in order to create its own identity as a form of entertainment.
I once played in a Castle in Holland where everyone was dressed in Tartans and all the walls in every room were draped in Tartans and tweeds and other Scottish fabrics which really made all those at the night feel the spirit of Scotland.
This is where the Corporate event comes into its own. In the world of show business it's the amount of customers you attract through the door that ordains what type of act will perform.
At a Corporate event it's often the size of the purse that has to pay for everything that is the key deciding factor.That creates and makes it possible for the organisers to design a night that can take you into another period of time with everything maximised for your benefit.
I have also seen the Kelvin Hall  in Glasgow an indoor athletics track, transformed  into a huge extravaganza of Tartans and entertainers keeping over three thousand IBM guests ecstatically happy with food in abundance.
On the smaller scale Forty two guests at a Glenturret Distillerry Corporate evening participated with such energy that we were more tired after that night than some of the bigger events.
After two hours of talks at a Seminar "The band of Bravehearts" strolled around like wandering musicians and helped everyone relax before the next two hours of heavy listening.
There are more examples than could be printed here but this is just some to give you an idea of what can be done.


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